Thursday, April 2, 2009

First run in with the law . . .

So yesterday Justice (our dog) escaped from the backyard at our rental house. We spent all day looking and putting fliers up. So todaywe got up early and went back over there to look again. After that we went to the shelters, there are 3 in our area. First the SPCA, nothing. Just lots of poor little faces hoping you'll pick them and take them home. Then the county shelter, again nothing just the same as the SPCA. There was this poor little dog with only 1 eye, another dog had apperently biting him is what the staff said. Then off to the city shelter, where I had been turned away yesterday when we showed up 1 min after they closed. So today we went looking there. 1st kennel, 2nd, 3rd nothing. Then as I was getting ready to pass the 4th there he was. Looking and excited to see me. I think the poor staff member thought I was crazy because I was jumping up and down! So back into the office to post bail for our little runaway. He's back home now, sleeping like a baby.

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